Our adventure with our vintage caravan

I would like to talk about a little story of our family adventure with our vintage caravan "Olly".( We named her after " Olympic caravan" )she was built in 1981 in Brisbane.

We always had a dream to have "Vintage Caravan" to make over with our own style for many years. When we bought her about a year ago, Actually she was a scary piece of shell but we fell in love how cool she looks outside.

My husband is a Super handyman.( We are lucky!) He renovated completely inside.( he sewed even curtains and cushion covers!!) We thought a lot about layout how to fit  bank bed, double bed, kitchen and dining area because she is only 16ft long. It took us about 6month to complete to ready to go caravanning!


We made it!!

And we love the simple timeless design we create inside.

The boys love sleeping in the bunk bed which they don't have in their room in our house!


We all love being in outdoor ! This is a fantastic experience for our boys to see how beautiful their country is. There are so many to see and so many to learn in the nature!!

And I love capturing candid moments  for now and the future to see how beautiful my boys childhood was....

Every little moments are so precious for me

The great outdoor!!

Our adventure will continue and I will take my camera wherever we go to make  our memories....

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